Bike Shop

Bike Shop


Welcome to Spokey Joe's Bikes and Gear!  We are a small but well stocked shop in the Great Western Sky and known as the go-to place for all things Boise.  We stock bikes, helmets, nutrition, apparel, pumps, racks, sunglasses, fenders, tubes, tires, tools.




We are dedicated to the art of dirt!  Inside our shop, you will find a huge selection of mountain bikes, gravel bikes, kids bikes (including balance bikes), and greenbelt bikes.  

We also love pedal assist bikes, better known as e-Bikes.  We always have some models in stock to choose from.  Not sure if an e-Bike is right for you?  Stop by and take one for a spin. 




In our 9 years in business, we have tried many different brands of rack, and none come close to the Kuat family.  All racks perform the same on day one, but the Kuat racks stand up to the test of time.  Pay a little more for your rack- your bike depends on it!









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