Service & Repair

At Spokey Joe's, we pride ourselves on our meticulous work and ability to accurately diagnose the problems with your bicycle.  We look at the entire system to identify the root cause of the bike issue and will make the necessary repairs.  We make certain that we repair or replace the correct parts so your bike is as good as new.  It's this attention to detail that endears us to our customers. 

During our nine years of operation at our last shop, bicycle and component manufactures would come and train us on the newest and latest equipment, so that we had the knowledge to service even the latest gadgets.  SRAM, Shimano, Fox, and Hayes, (just to name a few) would schedule time with us so that we received the latest training as well as tips and tricks for recent products.

No job is too large or too small.  Whether it is a complete overhaul, changing pivots, rebuilding shocks and forks, or just changing an innertube and finding the cause of your flat tire, we can do it all.

We are the go-to shop for cyclists offering short repair wait times.  We understand the value of your time and work hard to get you back on the trail FAST. We keep a well stocked parts department 12 months of the year.

Following are some of our most popular service packages.  We offer `a la carte pricing for as well for component replacing.

We also have other packages based on different styles of bikes.  Bring your bike in so we can discuss.

Basic Tune-up - $45

Recommended for bikes that have been sitting idle over the winter or a bike that’s used recreationally that is no longer performing like new.  Kids bikes and greenbelt bikes, check this out!

Labor only, parts not included

Brake adjustment Derailleur adjustment
Lube chain Air tires


Full Tune-up - $65

Best Value! Recommended once a year for safety, maximum performance, and to extend longevity of parts.

Labor only, parts not included

Brake adjustment Derailleur adjustment Headset adjustment Hub adjustment
Suspension set-up Basic wheel truing Bolt check Bottom bracket check
Lube chain Air up tires


Overhaul - $350

The Ultimate Bicycle Service! Recommended after a vigorous riding season or after a particularly muddy/sloppy ride or race.  You spent thousands on that bike, have it treated like the performance machine that it is.  This is a complete bicycle tear down and rebuild.

Brake Adjustments Brake bleed Derailleur adjustments Headset overhaul
Hub overhauls Full wheel and rotor truing Complete bolt check Suspension set-up
Pivot maintenance Bottom bracket removal/clean Lube chain Tire check/sealant add

Labor only – parts not included

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